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Welcome to Code Geass Media, a community that is based entirely around fanworks. If you can name it then we'll welcome it with open arms! We encourage you show off anything you can make here, which includes but is not limited to icons, fanfiction, fanart, torrents, or layouts!

We also accept requests.

Your overlords moderators are Kimmeh (main) & Reggie (sub).

► Be nice to others. Asshatery won't be tolerated from anyone.
► Please lj-cut all spoilers or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. A warning would be nice as well.
► All posts must be related to Code Geass in some form.
► Do not disable or delete comments. We'll delete your post if you do.
► Please lj-cut any image over 600x600 pixels.
► Do not post any stolen works here. Seriously.
► If you have any kind of problem, compliant or issue then please contact one of the moderators.
Any advertisements are allowed as long as they relate to Code Geass in some shape, form, or fashion; anything else will simply be deleted.
► Tag all advertisements with the appropriate tag.
► Have fun or we'll totally ban you in an instant. >:o

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